SSC JE: Best Ways to Prepare Paper-by-Paper to Clear the Exam

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SSC JE: Best Ways to Prepare Paper-by-Paper to Clear the Exam - Career News in Hindi

recruitment drive for Junior Engineer (JE) positions in the Civil, Mechanical,
Electrical, and Military Engineering Services (MES) will be held by the Staff
Selection Commission (SSC). Paper 2 exam is scheduled for Sept 26, students can easily pass the SSC JE exam if
they begin studying today. But, the results of the Paper 1 exam are out. Read
on to know more about how to prepare for SSC JE in the last few days.

SSC JE 2021: Preparation
Strategy & Tips

following are some SSC JE preparation strategies that, if followed correctly,
will help applicants pass the SSC JE exam with ease.

Review the

the significance of each topic in terms of the exam.

importance of devoting more attention to topics with more significance cannot
be overstated.

Use Your Time

The SSC JE Paper I Exam has 200 questions, and you will only have 120 minutes
to answer them all.

There are
100 questions in the General Intelligence & Reasoning, General Awareness
section. As a result, strive to complete the non-technical portion in 60
minutes and concentrate the remaining time on your technical core subject.

sustaining accuracy while answering questions in under a minute is simpler in
the General Awareness portion, it is more difficult in the Reasoning segment.

Improve your
time management abilities.

One of
the most critical aspects of preparation is time management.

critical to strike a balance between speed and accuracy.

Begin by
answering the questions in a timed manner. This will take a long time to
master. You should go through the material again and learn the concepts that go
along with it.

Approach to
Solving Previous Engineering Papers

your engineering expertise. The paper is divided into two sections: numerical
and theoretical.

Nearly 80
theory-based questions and 20 numerical questions make up the SSC JE paper.

the theoretical questions are fact-based and you’ll either know or not know the
answer, you’ll be able to complete them in less time.

preparing mock tests, make sure you stick to this strategy to become used to it
in preparation for your SSC JE exam.

Use SSC JE Mock
Tests to practice and strategize.

taking SSC JE sample tests, your goal should be to maximize your
time based on the difficulty level and complexity of the questions.

Taking a
practice test will show you how much time you spend on each question.

you’ve completed the fake test, go over your results in detail.

Make a
list of the kind of questions you commonly get wrong and prepare for them
thoroughly until you master them.

Make a
strategy for answering the questions: try only the ones you are 100 percent
confident of, then mark the ones you are 50 per cent sure of, and finally omit
the ones you aren’t sure about because the SSC JE exam paper features negative

Learn from

Make sure
you pay extra attention to the ones you failed to attempt during the practice
tests during your preparation.

that you must learn how to answer various types of exam questions. As a result,
give each topic in the syllabus your entire attention.

Solve at
least 10-15 high-difficulty problems regularly; this will help you solve them
quickly during the exam.

Preparing for
the SSC Junior Engineer Exam: A Subject-By-Subject Approach

Preparation – General Intelligence

questions in this portion will be based on logical reasoning issues such as
data sufficiency, linear and circular arrangement, direction and distances,
number-based analogies, and so on.

for this section by reviewing previous year’s papers. This will assist you in
determining the kind of questions asked as well as the level of complexity of
the questions.

the solved papers and make sure you grasp the logic. Practice many types of
questions with varying degrees of difficulty.

Preparation – General Knowledge

You must be current on current events in order to
participate in this section.

newspapers and keep up with current events on a daily basis. Make sure you
don’t waste time and instead schedule time on a regular basis.

the syllabus is so extensive, consult the prior year’s paper and prepare

It will
also be beneficial to be abreast of current events on a daily basis.

take online quizzes.

for the SSC Junior Engineer Exam – General Engineering (Civil/Structural,
Electrical/Mechanical): This part varies depending on the engineering stream.
The need for in-depth, core engineering expertise is critical. The candidate
must be well-versed in the fundamentals and possess strong analytical and
problem-solving abilities.

Part of
the questions will be based on theoretical concepts, which you will be able to
answer quickly if you have mastered your principles.

You must
be proficient in theoretical knowledge, its application, formulae, and
problem-solving skills in order to solve numerical problems.

in a timed environment while being exposed to a variety of problems. When
you’re first getting ready, look up some sample problems.

opposed to numerical-based questions, you will encounter more theory-based
questions. As a result, strive to solve theory-based problems first because
they will take less time because you either know or don’t know the answer.

crack the SSC JE Exam, candidates must be familiar with the exam structure and
syllabus, solve previous year’s papers, study time management, and take mock
tests. As SSC JE Paper 2 is scheduled for Sept 26, all the tips and information
have been shared here for aspirants to boost their preparation now.

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